Wednesday, February 9, 2011

urban twin hack: CARABINERS.

I keep forgetting to write this down, and maybe it's not a stroke of genius, but it sure has saved my shoulders this year: always keep an extra carabiner in your bag. Weighs next to nothing, takes up hardly any space. Better yet, keep it clipped onto one of the kids' backpacks.

That way, when you're walking from school to...anywhere else, and your kids start whining that their backpacks are soooooo heavy and they're soooooo tired and they can't carry them ONE more step, you won't be struggling to keep two backpacks slung on your shoulder while holding both kids' hands. Just clip the top of the second backpack to the bottom of the first, and let it dangle down your back.

You'll look silly (I assume; it's not like I can see what I look like), but it works.

If you have a car? Or a stroller? Or, you know, twins who don't whine? You don't need this hack. Can I have your carabiner?


Chaya H. said...

I love carabiners. Maybe it's a twin parent thing (no hands and all). I am using this hack tomorrow--I carry my toddler in an ergo while walking my twins to gan with my ulpan bag slung over my shoulder and a tote of the toddler's stuff dangling on a wrist or what have you. It's probably more fun to watch than it is to do.

persephone said...

Yes, it should work great on a tote bag! As long as you can fit both handles in.

I'm kind of in awe of the image you present, though. you...stay upright?? Or maybe you CAN'T tip over, being weighted down in all 4 directions? :D

Chaya H. said...

I'm fine as long as I stay upright. If anyone drops a mitten, she's on her own.

And your hack rocks. It's a whole new world with the carabiners. I look even more stupid now, however.