Friday, February 4, 2011

friday afternoons, our place

PERSEPHONE: can you give the boys baths?
LANCE: i'm not sure i have the energy for that. maybe we can switch, and i'll finish up the cooking.
PERSEPHONE: don't know how to make the broccoli kugel.
LANCE: well, is it rocket science???
PERSEPHONE: [nodding vigorously] yes! yes it is.
LANCE: ohhhkay, i see how this is going to be.


shanna said...

Whew. I'm safe. My husband would never utter Lance's first line in this conversation.

projgen said...

Bahahaha. This conversation would be reversed. I would be Lance, and Hubby would be 'Seph. 'cept I think ALL cooking is rocket science.