Sunday, June 6, 2010

no need to adjust your television

This weekend aliens abducted my son and replaced him with a pod child who will one day rise up and kill us in our sleep, or something.

Either that, or feeding therapy works.

BET: What's that?

EEMA: Gravy.

BET: I don't like gravy.

BET: Actually I've never tried gravy.

BET: I would really love to try that.

[Eema reattaches jaw]

EEMA: Really? Okay, here's a bite of chicken with gravy.

BET: That doesn't taste good in my mouth.


BET: But it is yummy!

BET: Can I have some more? I LOVE chicken with gravy.


projgen said...

(I really have to say something funny that I can't say here, so hopefully I'll remember to email you)

Someday, you should put all of these anecdotes into a book. Marketed properly, I think it will sell millions :)

You could call it "Mouth droppings"

WriterGrrl said...

That was fantastic!