Thursday, April 1, 2010

luckily, the brainwashing is strong with this one

Scene: It's been raining for like ever, and we're all kinda losing it especially me, and I thought I'd succeeded in shooing the boys out to stomp in puddles with Lance. But Bet became freaked out by the presence of strangers next door [the neighbors' son, actually, but he is NOT USUALLY HOME, HORRORS]. He's now back huddling on my lap and attempting to convince me it's best if we all stay inside. Together. At all times.

EEMA: Well, I think you need to go outside sometimes. Actually, I need to go outside sometimes. I get kind of cranky and grouchy and grumpy if I don't get outside for too long.

BET: [in his best eema-you're-so-silly voice] Well you're not grouchy today.

EEMA: [after hopefully not noticeable pause] ...No?

BET: Because you're so happy you get to stay home with ME.

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Jody said...

Too sweet!