Wednesday, June 3, 2009

another bagel summit talks breakdown

ALEPH: I want two halfs of bagel. I'll save one of them for you, Bet.

BET: I don't want a half of bagel.

ALEPH: Then I'm gonna eat two of them.

BET: I want one! I want one!

ALEPH: Then I will save one for you.

[pause for smiling / munching]

ALEPH: Why do you keep switching, Bet?

BET: [still smiling] I don't know. Just because.

ALEPH: But you have to say yes or no.

BET: Nononononono! Aleph don't talk to me! That is not okay!

1 comment:

OneTiredEma said...

Remember back when they couldn't talk and you thought life would be so much easier when they COULD talk?