Tuesday, February 3, 2009


* hmmm. I think I might have stolen this from Uberimma. Though of course she would have called them Barakisms or Iyyarisms.

Man, I'm going to be pretty sad when Bet stops calling the futon the "futime."

Others favorites he's already losing:

Aleph is the one more known for his consonant substitutions. He says /t/ for both t and k, and /d/ for both d and g, so his speech is sometimes a puzzle with way too many permutations to decipher. He can be remarkably patient, not to mention ingenious, in trying to make himself understood.

EEMA: What should we do next for the Name Game?


EEMA: [Gd??]

ALEPH: Dod. Dod. Dod!!! [pause] A puppy!

But Bet has the funniest ones, possibly because they pop up so rarely. He sometimes - not always - uses /k/ for p. Resulting in this awesome slogan, the first time we took him to the pool:

BET: We're in the cool! You're in the cool!

We went around saying that for weeks. But this latest one beats all. Lance's mother, the last time she was visiting, taught Bet the phrase "in the nude" for when he's running around in his diaper avoiding pajamas. And it turns out Bet sometimes substitutes /m/ for n.

So now we occasionally have a half-naked boy racing around the house, yelling "I'm in the mood! I'm in the mood!"

Thanks for that, Mom. :D


Mindy said...

Hey youre not the only one. I've posted Shimmyisms often.

Emma said...

Man, I can't wait to see those little guys again! Maybe in a few months??

uberimma said...

My favorite from the doctor's visit was "alligator." As in, "Needa go inna alligator push buttons please!" Fortunately this time he managed not to press the emergency stop one.