Thursday, January 8, 2009

phone call day 3: the guilting

EEMA: Hi Aleph! I love you!

ALEPH: I can't answer.

MARY POPPINS: Aleph, do you want to say anything to Eema?

ALEPH: [crying] No! No! [runs away]


BET: Eema, are you still there?

EEMA: Yes, sweetheart! I'm still here.

BET: Eema, I want to tell you something.

EEMA: Ok, sweetie! What do you want to tell me?

BET: I - um - I want - um... are you still there?


MARY POPPINS: Ok Bet, we have to say bye bye now. Can you give me the phone?

BET: I'm just going to hold it.


OneTiredEma said...


I hope you are going out to eat every day. And reading the paper. And having long adult conversations. And sleeping through the damn night.

emily said...

I love these. Your boys are so sweet, I love reading about them. I will also say I'm hoping you're getting good sleep and nice, uninterrupted meals. Enjoy it!

shanna said...

*sob* At least you know they love you.

Also, ditto OTE.