Sunday, January 4, 2009

six before breakfast

One Tired Ema asked me the other day if I spend a lot of time mediating Aleph-Bet conflicts. All $#%^* day, I think I replied. But where I draw the line - I should say, where I'm trying vainly to draw the line - is mediating the imaginary ones.

Today's example:

BET: [apropos of nothing whatsoever] It's okay.

ALEPH: It's not okay.

BET: It is okay!

ALEPH: [starting to cry] No! No it's not okay!

EEMA: [losing cool slightly] OKAY OKAY OKAY! We are not having this conversation!!


So apropos of nothing, I'm leaving the country and my husband and my TWO SMALL CHILDREN (sob) tomorrow for a much-needed visit to my sisters in beautiful war-torn Israel. I've never left the boys for as much as 24 hours before.

I'm trying to make a sticker chart so the boys can cross off the 8 days I'll be gone, but it's reminding me very unfortunately of the felt menorah hangings we made for them to count 8 days of Chanuka. This is like the anti-Chanuka, I'm thinking of explaining to them. Woo-hoo.

I hope it's not too self-centered to use worrying about the political situation as a way to distract myself from worrying about the kids. They will be okay. I will be okay. It's going to be okay.

But if you have any good thoughts to spare in our general direction, they'd sure be appreciated.


margalit said...

I'm so proud of you for going when Israel needs you most. What a mitzvah. I'll be thinking of you and praying for your safety. It seems weird to say "have a good time" considering. But do the best you can.

persephone said...

Aw, thanks. I guess I should clarify that this visit is badly needed by ME; the "war-torn" part is mostly coincidental. I just didn't change my plans because of it.

OneTiredEma said...

Yeah, I have a feel by the time Taxman goes in a few weeks not much will be different. But he's not going to Sderot, et al. Just J-m and TA.

I was watching channel 7 this morning at the gym--they sent a guy to Yerushalayim to report on things and the anchors here were going "Oh, we're so worried about you," but of course he never said "I'm in Jerusalem, I'm not in any danger." But really, you know how it is.

Safe travels to you. (Don't forget the sleep aid for the plane! You could get like NINE straight hours!) The boys will miss you but really be fine. Your husband, though....

OneTiredEma said...

PS I say "We're not having this conversation!" all the time. But mostly to Miss M about something or other.

Jody said...

Oh MY do we have those imaginary fights, too. In fact, now a child will start one DELIBERATELY. Be still my pounding head.

I hope your travels are continuing to go well. The transcribed conversations are adorable.