Wednesday, December 16, 2009

nobody expects the spanish inquisition

BET: Who made you, Eema?

EEMA: My eema and abba made me.

ALEPH: No, Hashem made you!

EEMA: [oops.] Yes, Hashem too. There are 3 partners to make a baby: the eema, the abba, and Hashem.

BET: Who made me, Eema?

EEMA: Eema, Abba, and Hashem! [oops.] ...andafewdoctors.


Cass said...

Is it wildly inappropriate to note that some doctors like to think of themselves as Gd?

OneTiredEma said...

dude! tmi!
(everyone knows i am joking, yes?)

projgen said...

But wait - Hashem created the medical miracle men, so... you can leave it at the 3, no?

OTE, once you're in the world of fertility, you *know* there's no such thing as tmi, right? ;)