Friday, September 18, 2009

i'll be wrapped around your finger

Scene: one of the many disordered naps around here lately. Aleph woke up crying, lay down on the futon with me for a while, then crawled back in bed to sleep again. Bet was sleeping soundly, but couldn't go back to sleep once Aleph woke him up. He's still on the futon with me.

BET: Where did Aleph go?

EEMA: He went back to sleep.

BET: [whispering] Ohhh. Maybe this can be special Eema-and-Bet time.

EEMA: [Awwww!] Okay.

BET: [still whispering] Let's go in the other room.

EEMA: Okay.

[now in living room]

BET: [still whispering] Can I watch a video.


Emma said...


projgen said...

Awwww... so sweet, that precious Eema and Bet - and tv - time :)

They really know how to twist the knife, don't they?

Cara said...

I dunno. Sometimes of my best Mama-Pumpkin time is when she is watching a show. But for my girl, that may be one of the only times she holds still... at least for a minute or two. ;-)

caramama said...

Doh, my comment here and on the last post showed up as Cara. It was me, caramama. I was signed into my other account.