Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Scene: New game across the breakfast table.

BET: [shoots fist out toward Aleph] HIT YOU pretend!

ALEPH: [shoots fist out toward Bet] HIT YOU pretend!


Might need to get these children karate lessons. Or at least a punching bag.


projgen said...

That would be a pretend punching bag, right?

Tine said...

I know you were just kidding, but file away the idea of karate (or similar) lessons for future consideration.

My son used to get in trouble for smacking his friends all the time. He knew it was wrong/hurtful/etc., and he never really hit people in anger or frustration. He used it to test his limits; just couldn't seem to stop himself.

Anyway...last spring he started Tae Kwon Do. *Excellent* outlet for his energy. He hasn't smacked his sister (or anyone else, for that matter) once since.

persephone said...

Oh no, I'm completely serious. There's definitely some energy that needs to be channeled here. I just didn't realize it would start this young!

The other day I told Aleph he couldn't hit people, and he said "Well, what CAN I hit?"

Tine said...

They recently turned 3, right? That's when the hitting was at its worst with my boy (he's 6 now), and now that his sister is 3, she's doing it too.

I love it that Aleph seems to be trying to figure out how to channel that energy on his own. ("What CAN I hit?") How about this 2-by-4, Young Grasshopper?