Sunday, July 26, 2009

file under: unsubscribe. PLEASE.

In an effort to refrain from saying all the things I'm THINKING about the latest ad pitch in my mailbox, I'm going to take One Tired Ema's advice. "You gotta blog about breasts more. You don't see anyone asking me to advertise for 40 days davening at the kotel."

All right, all right, that's totally not what she said. Hope this works anyway:


ALEPH: [eyeing my tank top] Mine are like yours, except... yours are ...thicker, and mine are thinner.


BET: [looking down at his bare chest] Eema, what are these?

EEMA: Nipples.

BET: But what are they?

EEMA: They're part of your body! Everyone has them.

BET: Can I see yours?

EEMA: No, sweetie. They're a private part of my body.

BET: Well, can you put a shirt on me? I don't have to worry about them?


Ah, how quickly they forget. (And these are children who nursed till they were almost two!)


projgen said...

Oh, how I wish my problems could be solved so easily - just put a shirt on 'em, so I don't have to worry about 'em. I wouldn't have thought Bet was old enough to understand "out of sight, out of mind" ;)

And that whole nursing til they were almost two? They were eating, dearheart, not ogling.

OneTiredEma said...

holy misquote, batman! ;)

But I forgive you. And everyone should blog about breasts more, to normalize them away from the crazeeeees.