Friday, April 3, 2009

make that an awwwwwwww

Scene: Trying to cook for shabbat without children underfoot. NotMary Poppins is here for expressly that reason, but is not... shall we say... all that effective. Aleph has been in and out of the kitchen every 5 minutes.

ALEPH: [running in again] Eema, Bet says he's not gonna be done with the guitar at all!

EEMA: [poking head into playroom] Bet, do you remember what happens if you say you're not going to be done at all?

BET: Yeah.

EEMA: A grownup has to decide when you're done.

BET: I'm gonna be done in three minutes.

EEMA: OK, Aleph, it will be your turn in three minutes.

ALEPH: But Eema, I need help waiting!

EEMA: OK, sweetheart. Ask NotMary Poppins to help you.

ALEPH: [looking down and toeing the floor] But... I need my best grownup.


Emma said...

Ohhhhhhh! Bless his tiny heart. So sweet! xo

aunt3 said...

Yummmmy! Isn't that just the best Ema reward ever? Totally makes up for peeing in the fridge (I know, that was Bet, but you know they must have been in cahoots planning it!)

aunt3 said...

see? i'm posting!