Thursday, March 12, 2009

remedial twin parenting

Next on the list of basic things that terrified me, but most twin moms probably mastered years ago: I took the kids out for pizza tonight. Just me. By myself. We all seem to have survived, unless letting Bet eat a bowl of macaroni & cheese larger than his head ends up killing him. The boys were pretty near angelic. Even the cashier guy, a single twentysomething I would have thought immune, told me they were cute kids after this exchange:

PERSEPHONE: [scanning menu at register] OK, we need one mac & cheese.

BET: [earnestly to cashier] We need some pasta!


BET: We NEED some pasta!

PERSEPHONE: Make that two mac & cheeses.

ALEPH: [equally earnestly to cashier] And we ALSO need some pizza!

I bet they could have just ordered for themselves if I'd let them.

So we got through the walking there, the waiiiiiiiting for our order, the not shouting or running away or tipping over your chair. They played hand games and asked for stories until the food came, and then it was just munch munch munch munch. They walked back in an overtired/carb-loaded daze, and I tried to pretend people we passed on the sidewalk weren't glaring at me for keeping my kids out so late. And then we were finally home, and it was way past bedtime, and I had them thisclose to pajamas and they said...

ALEPH AND BET: I'm still hungry!

Of course.


shanna said...

Dude, I'm proud of you. *I* don't even take my kids out to eat anything more complicated than ice cream without another adult (even if said other adult comes with more kids).

OneTiredEma said...

LOL, glad you made it out. And they WALKED? As in...they were their own locomotion vs. stroller? I thought that you are not that close to the pizza shop. Unless there are delights in your neighborhood I have not yet discovered. Hahahaha.

Of course, the real question is if YOU got to eat anything.

(And I spend all damn day responding to "I still hongree!")

persephone said...

Shanna, how is ice cream easier? You mean if they don't get out of the stroller?

OTE, the pizza shop on the south side of campus is at least a few blocks closer. I brought a single stroller, and they took turns riding / walking halfway.

I was nervous about that too, but I couldn't deal with first time eating out AND wrangling a double stroller through the restaurant...